Sedigitus Swift
Cover of the novella Sinta, Sorceress-Detective in medieval manuscript style

Sinta, Sorceress-Detective

Tales from Ondiran, Book Three

A magical murder mystery, complete with medieval mayhem!

Poison in the prince’s pork tenderloin claims the life of his hapless taster. A dagger to the heart slays the sleeping court sorcerer, tasked to investigate. With courtiers seemingly falling like ninepins, the prince’s chancellor turns to Mistress Sinta, a gifted freelance sorceress, to assume the role of detective.

With the aid of Sir Othir, her dashing man-at-arms, Sinta plunges into the murk of the princely court, where—while enjoying some tasty meals—she soon finds that spells alone will not uncover the answers she seeks.

Can our inquisitive young heroine crack the case before herself falling victim to the killer?

heraldic escutcheon with martens rampant combatant

Fans of dry wit will find so much to love. … Each character is a delight to follow.       — Book blogger W. A. Stanley

Swift has a wondrous grasp of vernacular and timing and the dialogue contains some absolute screamers of wry humour and dry wit.       — Book blogger “Ink Reads”

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Author: Sedigitus Swift
Publisher: Archelaus
ISBN: 978-1-961852-05-1 (paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-961852-04-4 (ebook)
Print length: 170 pages
Cut size: 5.25" x 8"
SRP: $14.95 (paperback)
SRP: $3.50 (ebook)

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