Tales from Ondiran

Are you the fiction buyer for a fine independent bookstore?

If so, please consider ordering Sedigitus Swift’s deathless works for your shop! They are of course widely available through Ingram and Gardners at the traditional wholesale discount, as well as through the Spanish distributor Arnoia. Booksellers in the United States also have the option of ordering them direct from Archelaus.

The following books are now available in trade paperback (SRP: $14.95):

                       The Eye of Ksera (ISBN: 978-1-961852-01-3)
                       Sorceress for Hire (ISBN: 978-1-961852-03-7)

And the following will be available beginning March 1, 2024 (SRP: $14.95):

                       Sinta, Sorceress-Detective (ISBN: 978-1-961852-05-1)

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