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Set in the notional Ondiric Empire and neighboring realms, “Tales from Ondiran” is a nascent series of offbeat medieval fantasy novellas written by Sedigitus Swift and published by Archelaus (a disruptive presence in the greeting-card industry since 2005 that has now resolved to thrust itself, uninvited, into book publishing).

The first three volumes, The Eye of Ksera, Sorceress for Hire, and Sinta, Sorceress-Detective, are avail­able worldwide in trade paper­back and ebook editions. The fourth, The Misadventures of Thonir, is now being edited for publication later this year.

Cover of the novella Eye of Ksera in medieval manuscript style Cover of the novella Sorceress for Hire in medieval manuscript style Cover of the novella Sinta, Sorceress-Detective in medieval manuscript style

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Note that each book is a free-standing tale, so readers need not commit to the whole series just to find out how the story ends.

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